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Boise State Gets Routed by Utah State 52-26

The Aggies had homefield to defend, and that they did. Punching Boise State in mouth early, and never relenting.

Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

After initially holding the Utah State to a three and out for the first series, the game quickly got out of hand for Boise State.

Initially leading 3-0, Boise State started sluggish and, unfortunately, it did not get better from there. Utah State was able to convert a third and long on their second drive. Correa was able to save the TD, but the momentum was squarely in the Aggies' hands.

And it did not end from there. It only got worse.

In a game where seemingly everything could go wrong, everything did. Before the half was over, the Broncos had surrendered seven -- SEVEN -- turnovers. Four straight possessions ended fumble, fumble, interception, interception.

And the Aggies? They could do no wrong.

Myers was 10-16 with 109 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Myers even connecting with Sharp, who beat Deayon, in the endzone for an easy score. Myers had himself a game by also leading the Aggies rushing attack in the first half with 69 yards and a touchdown.

The Aggies were able to score three times to close out the half. In 44 seconds the Aggies were able to balloon a 14 point lead to 35. And when combing scoring, just on their own accord, that puts the Aggies up 45 -10 at the end of the first half

The second half did not start out any better. What appeared to be some sort of spark for the Broncos with a Sperbeck catch, he immediately--you guessed it--fumbled the ball for the Bronco's EIGHTH turnover. The NCAA record for turnovers is 13. It seemed as though Boise State was trying in EARNEST to break that.

The one positive of the second half, the Broncos were able to hold the Aggies with three, three-and-outs to start. The Aggies did let off the gas, but being able to hold a hot Aggies team to just punting is a sigh of relief compared to the complete nightmare of the first half.

But any, and all, momentum that Boise State seemed to muster, the Utah State Aggies would counter with their own. Demas was able to bring it into the endzone for a 45-17 score. Utah State, not to be outdone, drove down the field and scored in quite easy fashion to keep the 35 point lead 52-17.

Rypien, despite his interception woes, still standing tall in the pocket and willing to sling it. He connected with Sperbeck four times for 131 yards. That is a lot, regardless of the outcome of the score.

Not to be outdone, the Broncos were able to move the ball with some sort of effectiveness. Even getting Rausa some reps with a field goal to "limit" the lead to only 32 points. Rausa was 2-2 with a long of 46.

After the Broncos defense was able to hold off the Aggies from scoring again, the Broncos were able to score another desperate (read: garbage time) touchdown. The Broncos tried for two, which failed. Broncos down 26-52.

The ensuing onside kick allowed the Aggies to start on the Bronco 44. From there it was all Aggies draining the clock and getting first downs. With Hobbs in, the Aggies did just enough to keep the clock moving, and making critical first down plays. The final Aggies possession had lasted an almost full eight minutes of game time. Instead of going for three, the Aggies went for a fourth down on the Bronco's three yard line, not making it.

The final Bronco's possession ended innocently enough to let the clock continue to run. The Broncos lose a shocker, 26-52.

What We Learned:

  • Rypien is human. And a true freshman doing true freshman things. There are some games where things just snowball. Unfortunately this one was one of them. Rypien was the source of FIVE turnovers. Three interceptions, and two fumbles. One thing we can take away, though, is the fact he still stood tall in the pocket and still taking his shots down field. This will be a learning experience for the young QB so hopefully he takes heed.
  • Sperbeck is the man. Despite his own butterfingers, Sperbeck led both teams with 156 yards on just six catches. He showed why is he such a clutch player and a great weapon for any young QB.
  • Shane Williams-Rhodes is also a man! The guy has so much heart, and a strip/fumble recovery of his own, that he did not quit. He only had 38 yards on five catches on the day, but he made those catches count.
  • Boise State needs McNichols. It's pretty glaring that the run game could not get going without the Weapon. So seeing him on the sidelines, in street clothes, is depressing. Hopefully he will be well enough going forward.
  • Eight turnovers is a lot. Kind of hard to win when you give the ball to the defense a lot. Also, allowing Utah State to score 21 points in 44 seconds is probably not optimal.
  • We get to watch football now. It was mentioned on Twitter ad nauseum. Still going to do it here. No pressure of a NY6 game. Now the hope is Utah State drops one so Boise State can try and get back to the MWC championship game.

Your Turn

Well. What do you think? It turned into a laugher early, but them's the breaks. Can only have so many opportunities to win when you turn the ball over eight times. Flush this game from the memory banks folks. Can only go up from there.