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5 Questions and a Blog Bet with Utah State

I found an awesome Utah State blog--well, they found me--and they've agreed to answer five questions about the upcoming game! This comes from writer Thomas Sorenson, who has also agreed to a blog bet, where the winning team's writer gets to post an article on the losing team's blog.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

1. This game has traditionally been one to circle on the calendar for me, and I always root for the Aggies when they're not playing Boise State. Do you feel like this is a healthy rivalry, and also BYU can go suck a fart?

There's definitely some animosity for Boise State, but a lot of that is probably jealousy. Coach Wells has only lost three division games as the head coach - once on a last-second field goal by CSU last year and then two blowouts to you Broncos. As good as we've been the past few years, there's still one hurdle we haven't been able to clear. For it to be a real rivalry I think both teams need to win against each other (Niners-Seahawks wasn't a great rivalry until Seattle became good, right?), but if the Aggies pull out a win tonight this matchup will become the best rivalry in the conference, hands down. Neither of these teams are going anywhere the next couple of years. Speaking of rivalries, BYU can suck all the farts.

2. Which player(s) for BSU are you most scared of?

This is who we're most afraid of: (There might still be some psychological damage from last year. A 50-19 loss when you think you've got a shot at a NY bowl is pretty scarring.) To actually answer the question, though, I'm most afraid of Brett Rypien and Darian Thompson. Our defense has already let a true freshman throw for over 300 yards against us (Jake Browning smh) and we've been susceptible to the deep ball. Thompson is such a playmaker; he's terrifying. If Myers is off even a little bit on a throw to that side of the field... To be honest, I think Rypien is the key. If he's rolling, there's not many teams in the nation that can keep up with Boise.

3. What are the keys to USU pulling off the upset?

I wrote about this in our preview for the game (shameless plug: We have to get to Rypien. USU is great against the run and - even as good as McNichols has been - the Broncos haven't been an elite rushing team per se. We have to get a push up front and rattle the young QB. If the score is in the 20s, we'll have a shot. If not, then it's probably getting ugly. On the flip side, Myers has to have a great game and not make mistakes, but the team can't be afraid to take risks. Go for it on fourth down, run a flea-flicker, DON'T RUN ANY BUBBLE SCREENS, you know, something different than what we usually do. Finally, the one area I have confidence our team is better than yours is in special teams. A blocked field goal or punt, a return touchdown, something to get the crowd going and give us some "free" points. Pressure Rypien, play smart, aggressive offense, win the special teams battle.

4. Using Microsoft Paint, illustrate a scenario you see playing out in this game (you will not be graded on artistic prowess).


5. On a scale of breakfast cereals (with Grape Nuts being "not at all," and Cookie Crisp being "supremely"), how confident are you that you'll win this game?

We're somewhere around Cinnamon Toast Crunch: it's college and weird things happen and we can do whatever we want MOM, but we're also adult enough that we know we probably shouldn't eat dessert and pretend it's a meal. We've all talked ourselves into this win and we definitely think there's a chance, but Boise is really freaking good. Whatever, I'm still a kid at heart. GO AGGIES!

We'd like to thank Thomas for his time and answers. My answers to his questions are posted here. Good luck to the Aggies (in any future chess matches they might have)!