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Who's Betting on Boise State? Week 7

Each week I try to find any predictions of the upcoming Boise State game on the internet and compile them all here, so you can know which experts to thank, and which ones to egg.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports


They have Boise State winning by 9.5.

...the Broncos are playing as well as anyone in the country right now.


USA Today

6 out of 7 writers pick BSU. Looks like Dan needs to be "Wolken" up.

CBS Sports

Again, there's always got be one idiot to make a village (Dennis Dodd).

What If Sports

Ooh, this one is too close for me! They simulate thousands of games and BSU only wins 51% of the time by a score of 27.8-27.5. Ugh.

The Power Rank

They use analytics to make their predictions, which is slightly different than my "Boise-by-50" method. They have Boise State winning by a little more than a field goal (3.2). They also say USU has a 40% chance of beating BSU.

Athlon Sports

In a game where two stout defenses play, Athlon Sports gives the edge to Boise State because of our QB, 28-17.

MWC Connection

Hank Corliss sees this playing out a lot closer than I'd like to see (my cardiologist prescribed only blowouts after the UNM game last year). 27-21


Boise State at Utah State: Broncos 49-33. Maybe we need to rethink the Aggies’ 3-2 start. They lost 24-14 at Utah, which in retrospect is as good as Michigan, Oregon or Cal played the Utes. Utah State lost 31-17 at Washington, which isn’t embarrassing, considering the Huskies won at Southern Cal.

Under the Bleacher Report

Where did they find the monkey who could aim his poo at the typewriter? Aggies over Broncos in an "upset". Apparently, B/R writer Brian Pederfile is in the same unventilated room as the monkey, picking USU 26-24.