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Predict the Score: Boise State versus Utah State

Utah State is waiting in the wings.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

So now that we have waited another week for another Bronco game day, the Utah State Aggies are next on the docket. A team that has started to get it together now that Myers is filling in while Keeton is out. The Utah State rush worked over Fresno State by amassing 201 total yards and SEVEN touchdowns. By my guess, that is a lot. Ah well, Anagram Roster has been done, previews have been done, getting to Know Your Enemy has been done, it is now time to give away a prize!!


  • How many offensive plays will Utah State have?
  • What will be the Boise State tackle total?
  • How many redzone attempts will both team have?

What do I get if I win?

Wouldn't you know it, another $10 gift card to the Blue and Orange Store.

What about the Colorado State Predict the Score?

Reader/commenter Tinman was the lucky predictor with 42-10. Shockingly good actually. Missed nailing the actual score by thimsuch. His prediction of how Colorado State got the ten points was solid as well. He predicted a "big play" TD and was pretty close considering it was a third and long situation for Colorado State that was pretty poorly defended by Boise State.

Your Turn

How will you be predicting this one? A high scoring shoot out that forces gaudy offensive stats for both sides? Will home field advantage give the Aggies the extra "oomph" to pull off the upset? How will Utah State's rushing work against Boise State's solid line (personally, I would defer to defense)? Does McNichols have a field day running the ball, or will the Boise State receivers need to pull the stops to topple the Aggies? Good luck!