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Boise State Continues its Upward Climb: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-15-15

Good morning, Nuggies!

Tyler Gray is a stud.
Tyler Gray is a stud.
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Boise State Projecting Upward Trend

I like to give a little love to student reporters, especially on slow news days. Brianna Pitcock writes about things we already know, but compiles a good summary of our season thus far, combined with our history against Utah State. It's good to know there's enough interest in our program that people want to blog about it independently, and there's some good stuff out there.

Unfortunately, the only Utah State blog I could find to possibly make a bet with hasn't been active this season. I'd rather have our problems.

The Blue, Episode 3:

This video highlights our awesome defense, and is making me excited to see them matchup against a surging Utah State offense. I think the only reason Utah State is doing so well offensively is because they haven't been tested like our defense is going to test them. It should be a great game!

Gray Learns Two New Positions

To say Tyler Gray is versatile might be a bit of an understatement. His stats as a backup are pretty impressive: Over the last 46 games (in which he's played in all of them) he has 153 tackles, 11 pass breakups, three interceptions and four forced fumbles. He's like the "Rudy" of our team--playing with heart and passion (except in more snaps and not as Hobbity-looking as Sean Astin).

Good read.

SI Analysis of Week 6

There's nothing about Boise State in this article, but there is plenty of good to read about the rest of the FBS. Washington's emergence in the Pac-12, Utah's dominance (I thought a MWC team could never hang with the Pac-12), the SEC's mediocrity, Ohio State's paper tiger team, Etc.


Our very own Reflectivity made Breaking Madden's roster cut this week! Her story is a sad one, and is compounded by BW-holes on Twitter, but Bronco Nation, Jon Bois, and the internet has her back! I hope she smothers Tannehill this week!