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Utah State Anagram Roster

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself

    • Utah State University = A Heavyset Tin Tutu Sir
    • Logan, Utah = La Hangout (for our readers who speak Spanish)
    • Matt Wells = Malt Welts
Offensive starters for Utah State
  • X-WR: Hunter Sharp = Pun Thrasher
  • T-WR: Kennedy Williams = Maidenly Winkles
  • LT: Austin Albrecht = Halibut Trances
  • LG: Tyshon Mosley = He Mostly Nosy
  • C: Austin Stephens = Neatest Push Sin
  • RG: Taani Fisilau = A Tunisia Fail
  • RT: Jake Simonich = His Manic Joke
  • Y-TE: Wyatt Houston = Nutty Sow Oath
  • Z-WR: Brandon Swindall = Blind Word Annals
  • RB: LaJuan Hunt = Ah Jut Annul
  • QB: Kent Myers = Mr Sty Knee
Defensive starters for Utah State
  • DE: Jordan Nielsen = La Nerds Enjoin
  • NG: David Moala = Ma Diva Load
  • DE: Ricky Ali'lifua = I A Liar if Lucky
  • OLB: Kyle Fackrell = Fly Clerk Leak
  • ILB: LT Fillaga = It All Flag
  • ILB: Nick Vigil = Vicing Ilk
  • OLB: Torrey Green = Reentry Ogre
  • CB: Jalen Davis = Nasal Lived
  • SS: Marwin Evans = Answer Mavin
  • FS: Devin Centers = Nice Vest Nerd
  • CB: Deshane Hines = Ash Heeds Nine


  • P: Aaron Dalton = Atonal Radon
  • PK/K: Jake Thompson = Phantom Jokes
  • LS: Salanoa Galea'l = La Aloe Lasagna
  • HLD: DJ Nelson = No Anagrams Found
  • PR: Andrew Rodriguez = Nerd Wizard Rogue