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ESPN Still Ranks Boise State Highest Among G5 Teams: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-14-15

If slow and steady wins the race, do we have Turtle Power?

The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State Ranked 21st in ESPN Power Rankings


How did the Broncos respond to their Week 2 loss to BYU? They got maaaaaaaad! They've won four in a row by an average of 45 points. They will be heavy favorites in all their remaining games, and that season-opening win over Washington is looking better and better. Don't count the Broncos out of the battle for best Group of 5 team.

...A-a-a-and Blech-er Report

Bleacher Report follow suit and power rank BSU 21st. They have a whole big thing on why Houston is the G5 team to make a NY6 bowl, and the sheep taking the poll seem to agree. I won't believe it will happen until they're ranked higher than us in polls that count.

Preview of BSU/USU

Boise State visits Logan this Friday to take on a surging Aggies team. We've already had two opponents in common: Washington and Colorado State. Utah State lost to Washington 31-17, and beat Colorado State 33-18. Read into that what you will, but I'm not that worried. I can't afford to lose sleep over teams that are supposed to give us fits. Last season, Utah State was that team in the MWC, and I'm just hoping for a similar outcome this season.

Kam Went Miles to Arrive at BSU

See what I did there? Kam is enjoying the time he's had as starter, and hopes to continue to contribute over the next few games while DSG is out.


I really like Froggy Fresh's Halloween raps. Here's his latest, released last night.