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Kent Myers to Start at QB against Boise State: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-13-15

Biding time until Friday...

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Myers to Start Against BSU

Poor Chuckie Keeton. Seriously, I feel terrible for the guy! He is out until the end of this month with a sprained MCL. It hard to believe, but he's never played a game against Boise State. We didn't play Utah State his Freshman or Sophomore years, and he was injured before we played Utah State his junior and senior years. Now, as a sixth-year senior, he has to watch from the sidelines again.

That being said, Kent Myers showed up pretty well in their last game against Fresno State, and ran for a FBS record of 191 yards against Colorado State. He sounds like a bigger dual-threat QB than Keeton, so we're going to have to have Vallejo spy him, lest he run all over us too!

What are your guesses of how many times Vallejo and Weaver tackle Myers?

Boise State "On The Fence" in Playoff Consideration

At least Mark Schlabach is honest in admitting the Playoff Committee has nothing to go on, even if we run the table in the MWC. The Mountain West is really bad this year, and we only have two opponents with winning records left on the slate (3-2 Utah State and 3-2 Air Force). I just hope in conference play, another team on our schedule steps up to beat the others and be above .500 before we beat them.

(And how would a Pac-12 champ Washington be?)

BSU/CSU Highlights

I think these videos are really well done! It's about time BSU had some good videographers.

Interview With Coaches and Players

My favorite quote from this is from Marcel Yates concerning whether he thinks the defense is "dominant":

When we are done with the season and we’re a top-10 defense. You won’t hear me say we’re dominant until then. Every week, every opponent can humble you. ... Every week you have to be humble and hungry. Every opponent is different. They’re looking for a weakness in your defense and if they find it it can change around real quick. Dominance isn’t a game or a half a season. It’s a full season of playing that way.

Read more here:

Season-Defining BSU Basketball Games

It might be too early to tell how effective our team will be without Derrick Marks, but these games should be a pretty good indication.


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