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Knee-Jerk Reactions to Boise State @ Colorado

I had the privilege of watching the game with Senior Chief in Idaho Falls on Saturday! He's great company to watch a game with! Here are some of my takeaways from the game (although not as exciting as BSU's takeaways):

I model Senior Chief's model. Representin'!
I model Senior Chief's model. Representin'!

  • How do teams not see that double pass coming? Don't get me wrong... I'm glad they don't. Nice chuck, SWR!
  • On Chancellor James' sack: Did someone shoot him out of a cannon in the backfield?
  • Why do I always yell, "FUMBLE!" when the ball is on the ground? I'm pretty sure the players can't hear me.
  • Why, oh, why did the CBS Sports crew cut away from Tyler Rausa after he made the field goal? Don't they want to see if he got fives this time?
  • I'm cool with our defense causing 3-and-outs.
  • Didn't Colorado State hear what I just said?
  • I'm cool with one play drives by our offense.
  • I didn't realize Rashard Higgins also wore #82. I'll take our #82's performance over his! (3 catches, 42 yards vs. 3 catches 178 yards & 2 TD)
  • Way to stay with the play, Moxey! SC and I saw shades of Matt Miller's goal-line reception to end the half against Wyoming a few years back.
  • Related note: Are our players lying down on the job?
  • Thompson's got one-up on Deayon. Payback time?
  • Way to stay with the catch Anderson!
  • Deayon would have got his interception, but it was broken up by Thompson. (It's getting real!)
  • CSU totally ripped off our double-pass play.
  • We didn't see that coming?
  • I'm so glad to see McWeapon break one off for a long TD! I knew it was coming sometime!
  • Not so glad about the concussion. Hope he's okay.
  • No more injuries, please. Odhiambo, you hearing me?
  • Speaking of (potential) injuries, I'm no longer comfortable with Deayon returning punts. Let someone who stands on the sidelines for most of the game step up and prove their mettle.
  • Rypien power walks one in! Shewt, I was fooled.
  • Great game, great company, great team!
  • Go Broncos!