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Game Balls for Boise State versus Colorado State

All the Game Balls fit for a king

The Coloradoan-USA TODAY Sports

41-10. That is technically a rout, yeah? Especially doing that on another team's turf? If Boise State had a 31 point victory at home, knocking on the door of a fourth straight 50 burger, it would be cause for a celebration, right? The offense did have some struggles, and the defense did show a few scuffs, but took to the woodshed Colorado State. A team that Colorado and Minnesota needed overtimes to win. The Minnesota game was AT Fort Collins and the Colorado game was in Mile High. So, perhaps, while not perfect, the solid win is something to revel in.

Game Ball One:

Darian Thompson

darian thompson

The man had himself a week. First the birth of his daughter, then picking off Coleman Key for his fourth INT of the season and 18th of his career. Tying the MWC record of 18 with Eric Weddle of Utah. With, at least, seven games left to go (I am already including a bowl game because Boise State has six more games to become bowl-eligible and with Wyoming, UNLV, San Jose State, and New Mexico left to go, there has got to be at least two more wins there and no way do the wheels come completely off during the season to drop every game) Thompson will be breaking that tie. At this point, the question is whether, or not, Deayon does it first. Ah well. Mr. Thompson, have yourself a game ball! (And some sleep. You're going to need it.)

Game Ball Two:

Thomas Sperbeck


Mr. Sperbeck had himself a pretty quiet night. Only five receptions. For 178 yards, a long of 85, and two touchdowns. Sperbeck would have been the Colorado State passing game as they had 151 total (by the way: no Colorado State receiver had more than three receptions, even Higgins). Colorado State did spread the love around a little more, getting eleven players involved versus Boise State's seven. I suppose Boise State was just more effective, and efficient, with the pass game. That or it was probably because Nick Stevens was out for a pretty good chunk. Anyway. Sperbeck tied a game record for touchdowns with two. And came within 21 yards of tying his career high total in yards (199 in the Fiesta Bowl). Sperbeck, you sure have earned your game ball!!

Game Ball Three:

Jeremy McNichols

jeremy mcnichols

Mr. McNichols did some work against Colorado State. He cracked 102 yards rushing that equalled a smooth 6.1 yard average, was second on the team for receptions with six and 77 yards. If it were not for Sperbeck's fantastic 85 yard reception, there was a good chance that McNichols could have had the longest rush for the Broncos (56 yards) and longest reception (40). McNichols had two touchdowns on the night and 181 all-purpose yards. Which LEAD the team amazingly enough, beating Sperbeck three measly yards. McNichols was only one yard shy of being Colorado State's rushing total as well. Unfortunately the second McWeapon touchdown came at a cost of a concussion. I like that the Broncos immediately de-padded McNichols to keep him safe. I also am going to believe they would have done it even in a close game. McNichols' health, and safety, is more important than a game so his ability to be healthy going forward is paramount. But congratulations McWeapon on earning another game ball!

Game Ball Four:

Shane Williams-Rhodes

shane williams-rhodes

SWR actually kind of had himself a genuinely quiet night. He lead the team with seven receptions and had 52 yards (still would have led the Rams in both categories). He did, however, end with completing 100% of his passes for 53 yards and a touchdown. Good for a 875.2 passer rating. That was the first throw, and passing TD, Mr. Williams-Rhodes as had while at Boise State. Which is pretty awesome. The actual pass itself was...wobbly...but it got the job done and allowed Sperbeck to tack more points to the board, and that is the important thing. Congratulations to SWR on a game ball!

Game Ball Five:

Brett Rypien

Brett Rypien

Mr. Rypien showed that he is, indeed, capable of follies, throwing an INT on the second play of the third quarter. But, overall, had a solid night. 22-35 for 339 yards and a rating of 147.9. Being able to put up over three hundred yards of offense is pretty impressive, especially give the fact that the Colorado State offense had a total of 256 yards. Rypien added one touchdown: one of the passing variety, and of the rushing variety. Despite the continued team struggles with third down, he did help the Broncos get 27 first downs vs the Rams's 14. No matter. Rypien continues his stretch of playing good football and adds the Rams's to his list of conquests!