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An Ode to the D

At the request of boiseblues, I've made the slam poem into a video.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Enjoy, Nuggies!


A Slam Poem by Russ Wood

Some say the best offense is a good defense, and perhaps the offense should take offense, but the defense won't need to defend any offense taken by the offense.

All that needs to be said can be said on the turf. "Don't score," methought I heard the men say.

Justin T.,

Is ang-Ree,

And will glower at you like he ate your bay-bee.

Like Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and Wilson, we have men who know de-fence.

Opposing offenses only go O-fer,

And as the quarter,

Gets 4th-er,

All they hope fer,

is "over".

And talk about deep! Go ahead talk about it. I'll wait...

Too late, because this squad goes deeper than the Sarlacc, devouring your fett-less team over the next thousand years,

Fears and the tears of the "always next years."

Kamalei, come around when the quarterback's found,

And don't stop your driving 'til he's on the ground.

Moxey is fox-y,

Thompson will stomp-son,

Miles is all smiles,

Comin' straight outta Compton (or Texas).

Nance, do your dance,

Make the Rams poop their pants.

Vallejo, the pain-pro,

James limits their Chance.

Deayon is see-in,

Where the ball's bee-in,

Weaver the reaver, makes fools a believer.

Tyler, blow your Horn,

They're done.

Tip your waitress.

Go Broncos!