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Predict the Score: Boise State versus Colorado State

Colorado State up next.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

So, we meet again Colorado State (at 5 p.m. Mountain on the CBS Sports Network). The school who thought they were SO much better than Boise State last year despite the loss. It is unfortunate that they have fallen on hard times since last year. Losing Grayson, and McElwain in the same year. Ouch. But, alas, they found their coaching replacement in Bobo (who said that Utah State most resembled an SEC defense).

At any rate, we have a predict the score prize to give away!!!


  • What will be Boise State's longest scoring drive?
  • How many Colorado State players will have more than three tackles?
  • What will be Colorado State's average rush be?

What Do I Get if I Win?

That's the important thing, am I right?! We're sending the lucky winner another $10 gift card to the Blue and Orange Store. Seems to be a theme, huh?

What about the University of Hawaii Predict the Score?

This is an interesting one, as we kind of had a tie. Readers Ratigaen and Loque BOTH had 42-0. Ratigaen had his submission in before Loque, which would be the best tiebreaker in this situation (especially since Ratigaen does not really bother with tiebreakers, just leaves his mic drop and calls it good). However Ratigaen already has won a predict the score for the year. Two in a row. Apparently Ratigaen needs to get a lottery ticket. In the interest of spreading the love, and letting OTHERS have a chance, the OBNUG editorial team has decided to go with Loque. So congrats Loque, you're a winner!!!

Your Turn

Make sure and wait until Ratigaen posts before you make your submission so you can piggy-back off what he did. Don't put the same exact thing, of course, but apparently being in his vicinity makes everyone a winner.

Good luck and Go Broncos!!!