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Boise State Run Defense Hopes to Continue Strong: Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-1-15

Brett Rypien turned into a zombie. October Fools!

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

BSU Hopes to Continue Stuffing the Run

When I hear stats like "keeping offenses run games to an average of 1.53 yards per carry," I get really excited to watch the next game! It's weird that I like watching our defense, because I should be more excited when our offense is on the field (that's how we score points, when the D is not picking-sixes). I'll split the difference: I like watching the defense take the field on a kickoff.

I like Marcel Yates' reaction to a question about upcoming games against New Mexico and Air Force.

Looking in on Hawaii

I didn't realize Hawaii was 2-2 this season (I only knew about their opening win against hapless Colorado). Using Google, I see their other win came against UC Davis 27-47. Their two losses came against Ohio State and Wisconsin, 0-38 and 0-28, respectively. I so want to hang 60 burgs on this game!


You ever hear a song and know you'll like the artist from that one song? My friend posted this video on facebook today, and I did just that: