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University of Hawaii Anagram Roster

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

An anagram is like a word jumble; you take the letters from a word or phrase and mix them up to see what other words or phrases you can come up with. Try it for yourself.

  • University of Hawaii = Ow I Infuriate Shiv Ya
  • Honolulu, Hawaii = Uh I Haul A Wool In
  • Norm Chow = Mr How Con
Offensive starters for University of Hawaii
  • LT: Ben Clarke = Bean Clerk
  • LG: Elijah Tupai = Hi Taupe Jail
  • C: Asotui Eli = A Oil Suite
  • RG: Dejon Allen = Jelled Anon
  • RT: RJ Hollis = Josh Rill (only one)
  • Y: Metuisela ‘Unga = Use Iguana Melt
  • WR: Quinton Pedroza = Quiz Dean Pronto
  • WR: Marcus Kemp = Mr Sump Cake
  • WR: Dylan Collie = Lo Lily Dance
  • RB: Paul Harris = A April Rush
  • QB: Max Wittek = Wet Max Kit
Defensive starters for University of Hawaii
  • DE: Luke Shawley = Hulas Weekly
  • NT: Penitito Faalologo = A Potential Goof Oil
  • DE: Kennedy Tulimasealii = Any Unlikeliest Media
  • OLB: Lance Williams = Win Salami Cell
  • ILB: Jerrol Garcia-Williams = A Miracle Girl Roils Jaw
  • ILB: Benetton Fonua = On Beaten Futon
  • OLB: Jahlani Tavai = A Vain Hat Jail
  • CB: Nick Nelson = Nine Clonks
  • S: Daniel Lewis, Jr. = Swindle Jailer
  • S: Marrell Jackson = Mrs Loner Jackal
  • CB: Ne’Quan Phillips = Shlepp Quail Inn
  • PK: Rigoberto Sanchez = Zits Go Abhorrence
  • P: Alex Trifonovich = Another Civil Fox
  • KO: Mauro Bondi = Baron Odium
  • LS: Noah Borden = One Bad Horn
  • SS: Brodie Nakama = Oaken Barmaid
  • HOLD: Ikaika Woolsey = I Awoke As Yo Ilk
  • PR: Dylan Collie = A Nicely Doll
  • KR: Paul Harris = Uh Raps Lair