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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-5-15

Still BSU happening out there!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Utah State Wins at Buzzer

Over the weekend, BSU lost its second conference game against Utah State, when Marks missed the first of a 1-and-1 and Utah State shot a desperation 3 at the last second. It's really tough to lose in this fashion, but kudos to David Collette for hitting that shot with two defenders in his face. Despite our conference losses, I believe we'll still make it to the big dance in March.

Great Article on Vallejo and Sperbeck

Sperbeck was willing to play any position, despite playing QB in high school and being recruited as a safety. Boy, I'm glad he turned into a wide receiver! This writer also writes about Vallejo's personal motivation; his brother.

Checking in With Matt Miller

Matt Miller is my 6-year old boy's favorite player. Any time he sees #2 on a jersey--no matter the team-- he asks me if that was Matt Miller, and I had to remind him that, sadly, he was injured and couldn't play the rest of the season. Also, how many times do I have to tell him he plays for Boise State? 6-year-olds, amirite?

He talks about his future plans in this Q & A, and the NFL is a goal of his. If that falls through, maybe team roping again, of just raising cows. I know too many ropers missing fingers, so I hope he holds off practicing that until he is safely on the Seahawks roster.


The BCS is no more, and we have a honest-to-goodness playoff happening! Sure, it is only 3 games long, but that bodes well for our future, according to Jon Bois. I have a dilemma here: Oregon or Ohio State?

I take solace in the fact that neither is an SUC team (but whaddabout dat speed?), but I have beef which each team for various reasons. Do I root for the Big Brothers of the Rich, or the Facepunchers? If Oregon was playing Alabama, I'd definitely be rooting for the regional team to leave a Crimson-colored stain on the field, which not even Tide could remove. But they're playing against an institution which has dissed and dismissed us in the past.

I guess the key word is past. Lagarrette Blount no longer cheap shots plays for the Ducks, and now THEEEE Ohio State is coached by a man whom I respect, due to his coming from the MWC and putting the back-stomp to Pittsburgh in a BCS Bowl, therefore paving the way for future BSU success. So help me out: Who's it Gonna Be?