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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-30-15

Where'd January go?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Game Moved to Friday on ESPN

Our contract with ESPN might provide extra TV money and coverage, but it looks like they are going to stick us in Thursday and Friday games, 4 am, Norway time. Virginia was a 5-7 team this year; not as tough as they were looking when we scheduled them, but hopefully after we beat them, they have a stellar 2015.

I spoke with an Idaho State wide receiver last night and play on a basketball team with one of their quarterback candidates, so I'm getting the skinny from them about their matchup with BSU next season. Sure, they're a DII team, but last year they barely missed out on going to the tournament. They're mentally preparing for this game, so we'd be wise not to look past this one. Trap game?


Season Ticket Prices Won't Increase Next Year

Good news for those of you planning on buying season tickets. If Boise State wants to fill their seats, they are wise to keep it affordable. There must be a trade-off of revenues somewhere if BSU is getting more income from late-night TV deals, otherwise it might come across as greedy. Keep the customer satisfied!


Try to name each bordering state without backtracking. This was tougher than I thought, but after failing a few times, I made it with 2 minutes left. How'd you do?