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Whimpey is anything but

New commit Riley Whimpey announced his allegiance to the blue and orange last night. A SOLID pick up for the boys in Blue.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

With a last name like Whimpey, he may have heard some snickers here and there growing up. But Riley is anything but that. While not look like a physically imposing specimen, Riley exemplifies everything the Broncos are about: blue collar, high motor, never-ending work ethic, not to mention he can bring the pain. He is athletically gifted as well as technically sound. He had 172 tackles this last season. Let me say that again. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO. That's a few shy of a billion, if my math serves me correctly, (and it usually doesn't). The previous record, according to San Clemente HS coach Jaime Ortiz in a recent interview with Chadd Cripe, was 115. "He shattered that record. I call him Superman." If that doesn't impress you, I invite you to pack your bags and move to Iceland. Utah even invited him to come visit this weekend. After a brief conversation with Coach Harsin, and some self reflecting, he promptly called Harsin back and committed. Smart choice, me thinks. Riley will head out on a mission for two years, so his scholarship won't affect this class, but the 2017 class instead. That is some seriously good timing, because Ben Weaver, Tanner Vallejo, and Kamalei Correa will all graduate the following year.

Along with Riley's commitment, another interesting tidbit popped up:

By deductive reasoning, that would mean either Horton or Wilson are one of the secret commits. BUT, we are all aware that Horton more or less committed in October, so again, by deductive reasoning, that would HAVE to mean Wilson committed. But I digress.  This article is about Riley and let's keep it there. Please leave any questions, comments, or thoughts below. But before you do that, enjoy some destruction and flippies courtesy of Sir Whimpey. Go Broncos!