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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-29-15

Tomorrow's Friday!!! (Too soon?)

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State 18th Ranked Improved Team

Using MATH (!), Football Study Hall has put together a chart which tracks the success rate of each college team throughout the season. You can scroll down and see which teams regressed and also the Vardals. (Keep scrolling. No, way down. Are you at the bottom yet? There!)

Boise State saw its best success through weeks 13+, which would involve an epic beatdown of the #2 ranked Pac-12 team. (Whose conference we apparently can't hang with...but only in all other sports, except for the ones we beat them in.)

Broncos in the NFL

I'm glad Kellen Moore had such a banner year! Remember when Stafford went down with an injury, they put Orlovsky in, quickly realized he has no business in the NFL, and then Kellen came in and saved the day? Then they awarded him with a Nobel Peace Prize because every time he threw a touchdown pass, a treaty was signed somewhere? Then I realized this is the NFL, and they have no place for humble geniuses, and I made this up?


Here's some grammar myths that should be dispelled.