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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-28-15

Are we this close to February already? Shewt, football season is just around the corner!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

BSU Men Rally to Beat CSU

I tuned into the game around halftime, and was disheartened to see BSU down by double digits. At one point, CSU led by 12, but a number of three pointers and defensive stops put the game within reach. BSU took the lead in the last few minutes, and hung on for the win. Having watched this game, I can see why bb is so excited for James Webb III.

Former Broncos in the NFL Playoffs

Here's a report on how former BSU players fared in the playoffs, and while it seems the Cowboys have tapped into the Bronco's pipeline, only a singe Bronco remains: Seattle's Jeron Johnson, who plays backup safety. Starter Earl Thomas has been recovering from a separated shoulder, so Johnson might see some playing time in the Super Bowl this weekend.


NYBroncosFan and SJSDFan might have gotten just a light powdering of snow, but Massachusetts got dumped on. Here's an article from HuffPo about the storm and its effects.

FOX Studios still owns the rights to the Fantastic Four, and they're rebooting the franchise. Geeks like me are secretly hoping the movie falls flat on its face so the studio will sell the rights back to Marvel Studios and we can see more character crossover in the Avengers movies. The trailer for Fantastic Four came out, and it doesn't look too bad, dang it. (I'll wait for the reviews to come out.)