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Coach Kinsey reaches a milestone

Many in Bronco Nation will remember the feel-good story of 2010...the Broncos 42-7 demolition of Hawaii at Bronco Stadium (what we used to call Albertsons Stadium) that was prefaced by a plucky, young Make-A-Wish recipient from Texas named Stephen Kinsey leading the team on to the field, hand-in-hand with hammer-bearer Shea McClellin. Kinsey was the Broncos' "coach-for-a-day" and the Broncos truly rolled out the blue carpet for their young visitor. Many have followed Stephen's story over the last few years and read about how Coach Petersen and players like Jamar Taylor still called and encouraged Stephen and his family well after his Make-A-Wish trip. OBNUG even did an auction a few years ago and with the proceeds sent the Kinsey family a nice little Christmas bonus. It's safe to say that if you're in Bronco Nation, Coach Kinsey's story is something you're familiar you may well be familiar with this:

After 5 years of fighting cancer, Stephen just finished his last chemotherapy session. The Kinsey family posted the great news on their facebook page today, and while Stephen will still be under careful observation and will still receive some treatment...the invasive chemo for now (and hopefully forever) is at an end. The Broncos are known for their blue collar work ethic, and it's safe to say Stephen has not only embodied that spirit, but likely inspired our Broncos to keep fighting and keep working towards their goals. It's everyone's sincere wish that a cancer-free "coach" can lead the team onto the field once again down the road.


Keep fighting, Stephen...attack the future!