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You, me, and Boise State recruiting

Allow myself to introduce...myself. I'm Casey and I will be your OBNUG guide to recruiting things!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's note: In many ways, this was an epic year for other ways—#notsomuch. We took a Armstrong-esque leap for OBNUG-kind with the acquisition of media credentials and then work and life took some key contributors away. While I'm sure they're still here in spirit, our beloved founder Kevan Lee and basketball and podcast guru Jesse Baker have been pushed to the blog margins by high-falutin jobs. Heck, even our old pal Nick Kroes is ascending the corporate ladder (as well as having cute kids...congrats, Nick). That's left me (Drew)—who is also a tad swamped from time-to-time—trying to keep the family together (and we've got a great family here at OBNUG). So rather than watch our content dry up, I've hit the dusty trail looking for writing help. As you've probably noted, Russ Wood has taken over "Wake Up, Bronco Nation", and has our gratitude for it...and now allow me to introduce a new OBNUG contributor—one many of you probably know from the Twitters (@kcjoplin). How about I just let him introduce himself?

Hey all, my name is Casey. I’m an admitted Boise State addict and have been for some 30 years. I remember uttering my first swear word at the age of five while watching the Broncos struggle against the mighty Montana Grizzlies during the inaugural season of Skip Hall’s tenure in ’87. It wasn’t much of a swear word, but I got in trouble just the same. Since then, I have uttered many more swear words while watching Boise State games, and I have a feeling that I said them at the EXACT same instant many of you did!

Enough about that though, we’re here to talking about Boise State NOW. To be more specific, we’re going talk about BSU recruiting! Ah yes, this new obsession to many of us now that Harsin and Co.  have come on board. This staff has injected life, not just into the program, but into this fan base that has been longing for this kind of excitement for some time. It’s not reserved for just the games anymore. Games have been over for weeks, but I still find myself feverishly refreshing my Twitter feed, hoping for an update on one of these mystery recruits. That rarely happened during the Petersen era. But lo, it happens in abundance with this new staff.

Let’s get to the good stuff: 2015 recruiting. What a whirlwind that has been. It all started with Garrett Larson, the mulleted beast from Fruitland, following his compatriots Martarano and Dhaenens here. From there? Whoa nelly. This class includes two current 4-star commits, two former 4 star commits, 2 of the 3 top players in the state of Idaho, and the #1 quarterback in the state of Washington. For the sake of me being a homer, that’s FOUR 4-star recruits just in this class. Add that to the four 4-stars from the 2014 class and Harsin single-handedly, or multiple-handedly if you include his staff’s hands, quadrupled the number of 4-star players that Petersen pulled in the 8 years of his time here. So much for having your hands tied, huh?

I won’t get into the specific details of this class…yet. I plan on writing mostly about recruiting as I am obsessed with that, but I’ll also write a smattering of other random topics. I wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions of you courtly Nuggies: What are you interested in knowing about recruiting? How many churros is a recruit required to consume prior to being offered a scholarship? Why is the zipper on my pants always on my butt when everyone else’s is in the front? I look forward to hearing from you and writing for you! Go Broncos!