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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-22-15

I know you're probably already awake, so maybe I should have named this article "Eat Lunch, Bronco Nation."

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports


The men's b-ball team left a Spartan-shaped smudge on the hardwood after defeating them 86-36. I guess nobody told San Jose State this was a varsity game.

Albertsons Stadium Named One of America's Best Stadiums

This is an old article, but I still find it cool that ours is the only non-P5 school on the list. I don't recall reading this when it was published, but I came across it last night and thought I'd link to it in case any of you missed it too.

Top 25 NFL Draft Announcements (Warning: B/R!)

Yes, we all knew this info, but it also lists who has declared in the rest of the top 25. I'm just happy that we're ranked at the end of this season, after spending a while unranked. It truly is amazing how Harsin has brought back a team that many thought were washed-up.


I wonder how much I could have made if I made a prop bet that the first play of last year's Super Bowl would be a safety? Prop bets get pretty crazy, but I really like SB Nations' prop bets.