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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-19-15

Happy MLK Jr. day! Hope you got work off!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Men's B-Ball Wins at New Mexico

Don't count our roundball boys out just yet! This is their second conference win in a row, and against a quality opponent, no less. Web III and Marks both contributed 54 points in the win.

Wrestling Team Falls to ND State

If you're interested in watching some wrestling, our team will be at Taco Bell Arena this Friday wrestling Arizona State.

Correa on ESPN's All-Bowl Team

Of course, the guy doing the picking (Mark Schlabachkzkch), didn't really believe in BSU all season, so if he had watched a little closer, he might see that Ajayi had a pretty good bowl game, too.


I know this isn't college football, but it's a good way to fill the offseason. Did you happen to catch the NFC Championship game? My family is all Seahawks fans, and my brother in despair when Russell Wilson threw a pick down two scores with about 5 minutes remaining. I reminded him of a certain *ahem* Fiesta Bowl, and that the game's not over until 'Merica.

Anyway, pretty entertaining game and comeback, and this is a pretty good recap if you missed it.