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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-16-15

Nine o'clock and all's whale.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Other Way Too Early Ranking Predictions

Yeah, this is a link to another page of links, but just think of it like sausage links, and it won't be so bad. The overall theme I'm seeing here is BSU will be ranked in the preseason poll, probably within the top 20. What remains to be seen is how our next QB and RB will step up to fill the massive Hedrick and Ajayi- sized holes in our first few games in order to keep that ranking. But I'm getting ahead of myself here: Is Harsin coming back next year? Oh, he is! We're good.

BSU Most Valuable MWC Football Program

This is not in terms of "most wicked-awesome," but in terms of "dough," "moolah," "cheddar," and also money. Well, considering what we bring to the MWC with our bowl payouts, I'd sure hope so. Air Force is N/A because all their profits go to cool leather flight jackets.

Stats for Fiesta Bowl

I remember reading this, but I can't recall if I made a link to it or not. Kinda mind-blowing to learn we didn't have a single successful play in the entire third quarter, but still managed to win behind a monster first half.


If you're not familiar with Sacha Baron Cohen, he plays a character named Borat who's from Kazakstan, and he interacts with regular people and records their reactions. Some people get really angry with him. This guy has to be the most patient person on Earth.