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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-15-15

Nuggies, you're the bestest!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Bleach Rapport Ranks Top 250 College Football Players

I looked through the rankings so you don't have to get any "rank" on you, but you can click the links and read their rationale anyway. Coming in at #219, our own Graham Hendrix, then at #155, Darian Thompson, and finally Jay Ajayi at #87. Does both the Vigil brothers and Scooby Don't being ranked above Ajayi mean anything to them? 'Cuz it does to me. Also, as someone so eloquently pointed out in the comments, Grant Hedrick topped Heisman Winner and Alleged Pervert Jameis Winston in all categories except for one: Height.

Take a guess where Winston is ranked.

Hedrick Gets Chance to Play Again

Grant will play in a new all-star game called the College Gridiron Showcase. If guys like Russell Wilson and Drew Brees can make it in the NFL, why not Hedrick? (Although I would think it's a shame if Kellen Moore didn't get a start before he.)


I love TED Talks! They're entertaining, informative, and engaging. But every once in a while, they make me cry. I don't know if it's the music in this or the story associated with it, but I cried.