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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 1-12-15

Tonight's the big Playoff Championship Game, featuring Toolbox and Don'tMuchCareForThem!

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

So, I Think I've Made My Mind Up About Tonight's NC Game...

Just read the comments section of this letter to the editor. The writer of the letter made a pretty milquetoast comment about PAC-12 commissioners being "prima donnas," and out came the wolves. Hearing the idiocy of people making speculative hypotheses based on their uneducated perceptions of how strong the teams we play are makes me long for Mr. Fiskers to show up and regurgitate a righteous ball of hairy indignation on them.

Men's Basketball Team Loses Fourth Straight

Bummer. I think the loss of Drmic has really had more effect on the team than just the loss of a talented player. I hope there's a light at the end of this tunnel, soon.

Wrestling Team Beats Northern Colorado

Finally, some news on the wrestling front, although this is just a snippet. There was news the same day of some Idaho boys signing with the team. I want to put the bug in Treyton Nilsson's ear about wrestling for BSU. He's on track to be a four-time state champion this year, with many of his wins coming by pin. He just took 1st at the Buhl Invitational, and has placed 1st in the past at Tiger-Grizz (one of the toughest tournaments in the NW region). Plus, he's dang entertaining to watch! Seriously, he's like a cat playing with its food.


I'm sorry for posting late last week. You can all punch me in the face one time.