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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 9-5-2014

Kevin C. Cox

Semper Fi, brother

2015 LB commit Drew Berger (and adopted brother of TE Chase Blakley) received some good news yesterday...I'll let him tell it:


Bigger news for Bronco OC Mike Sanford

Again, I'll let him tell it:

Adding a baby to the "light" duties of an FBS football coach. Insane.

TSA takes over stadium security

Well, not really...but stadium entry won't be hassle-free this season. Safety first, am I right?

Tickets be sellin'

Since the anemic ticket-sale news of a few days ago, the Broncos have sold about 3,000 tickets to tomorrow's MWC matchup. We're still currently short of a sellout, but we're patching those holes.


Rams looking to make a statement

I propose we not let them.