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Boise State versus Colorado State game preview and ticket emporium

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

If you were to stop the college football season right now and pit the two best teams in the Mountain West conference against each other, you might very well end up with a Colorado State - Hawaii matchup. Holy Norm Chow, Batman!

This is why you do not draw conclusions after one week of football.

But let's say, for the sake of argument, that conclusions are exactly what you're drawing, alongside your alternative ideas for ways to not run tunnel screens and your doodles of Craig Thompson in bald caps. Let's say you saw the results from week one - Boise State falling to Ole Miss and Colorado State beating Colorado - and you inferred that Boise State is bad oh so bad and Colorado State is Alabama lite.

You'd probably have a little to be worried about this weekend.

But never fear! Week one results are as prescriptive as beans. You, me, and Boise State will all be in such a different place one month from now, two months from now, three months from now. And we'll all look back on this game preview and laugh. Oh boy, Kevan was so funny with his jokes about Colorado State being terrifying. He's a pasty Jim Gaffigan - and that's saying something!

Things we know for sure about this game

Kickoff: Saturday at 8:15 p.m. MT, yes, 8:15 at night!

Location: The brand new Albertsons stadium, get there at 4:00 for the freshly-baked French bread! (I think this is a thing, maybe call first)

Albertsons: It has no apostrophe.


TV guys: Mark Jones and Rod Gilmore

Where is Joe Tessitore?

Nobody knows.


Players to watch

Antoine Turner, Boise State defensive tackle

Look for the giant-armed wildebeest in the backfield.

Jake Roh, Boise State tight end

Did you guys see what I saw last week? Boise State tight ends, catching passes, in the field of play, during regulation. I'm thinking this might happen multiple times throughout the year, and I'm pegging Jake Roh to be one of the main targets, especially now that I've stopped thinking he's Chandler Koch reborn.

Dee Hart, Colorado State running back

Congratulations to Hart for being named the Mountain West player of the week for his performance against Colorado. He gets a 50 dollar gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods plus the chance to spend the day with commissioner Craig Thompson.

Cory James, Colorado State linebacker

He's a preseason All-MWC pick and the man responsible for throwing himself at Jay Ajayi's legs all night.

Keys to the game

1. Score more points than the other team

Boise State's failure to do this last week really bit them in the bud. Expect this to be a point of emphasis this week.

2. Limit turnovers.

I will not name names.

3. Don't let Colorado State's offense put you to sleep.

They run the ball a lot. Better get some of Harsin's 5-Hour Energies on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Boise State ticket sales be all like


Score prediction

Boise State 38, Colorado State 21