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Rypien Signs FAA With Boise State

The legendary Spokane signal caller puts pen to paper

Jesse Tinsley - Spokesman Review

On the heels of a ghastly quarterback performance against Air Force (which Grant will bounce back from), Boise State's QB of the future has signed a financial aid agreement with the Broncos.

A financial aid agreement (FAA) is somewhat new to the NCAA landscape based on a rule interpretation last August. Basically, a FAA allows high school midyear-graduating seniors to sign scholarship papers six months before the letter-of-intent signing period opens in February. Once signed, the agreement obligates the university to honor the scholarship, but it does not bind a prospect to a university. For instance, University of Tennessee wide receiver Josh Malone signed FAAs with Georgia, Florida State and Clemson, along with Tennessee. With that being said, there's been no indication that Rypien is looking anywhere but Boise.

This is good news for the Broncos and almost guarantees that Rypien will be in Boise for spring semester.