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5 things we learned from Boise State vs. Air Force

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

1. Turnovers are, indeed, harmful.

2. Bryan Harsin will have himself a decision to make

The Broncos travel to Nevada next week, and Harsin gets to choose whether Grant Hedrick or Ryan Finley will get the start. What would you do? Who would you pick? Why would you pick them? Could we get an easier question please?

Also, in the midst of tonight's interception-a-thon, future Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien tweeted a simple, plain, loaded #ATF.

3. The Mountain West Mountain race is not over.

Sure, the Broncos looked completely unfit and unable to play in a conference championship game, yet it's not even October. Let's slow this train down a bit, watch other Mountain West teams play football (they haven't exactly been world-beaters either), then take things one week at a time.

4. The good news: This team has fight.

Boise State could have packed it in at 28-0, but they didn't. "Played to the final whistle" and all that sentiment.

5. The bad news: Good effort is not typically the best takeaway from a Bronco game.

We're sort of used to looking dominant and strong and competent and overwhelmingly awesome. Earning moral victories for playing hard til the final whistle blows isn't really our jam. Blowouts and points are our jam.

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