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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 9-24-14

Stuff n' things

Drew Roberts

Air Force's Calhoun feeling 'feisty' or something

Calhoun began his weekly press conference by squeezing into, then struggling to squeeze out of, a formal top to a cadet uniform he found in an adjacent room.


Apparently, something is in the water in Colorado Springs

...also on Tuesday, Air Force's Spencer Proctor said of Boise State running back Jay Ajayi: "Watching him on film it doesn't seem like he likes to get hit that much. As a defense we're going to try to get him into his uncomfort zone."

Were you watching his film in reverse?

CBS Sports Originals shares the Antoine Turner story

Anyone doing this story is now getting an Edward R. Murrow Award.

Scott slants it right out of the park

Don't ever change, Tom.

Mike Sanford trying to get offensive numbers to line up with scoring numbers

Redzone woes, won't you go away?

It's Air Force week, so a cautionary tale

Lord, protect our knees. Amen.