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4 Things We Learned From Boise State's Win Over Louisiana-Lafayette

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

1. Could you maybe bottle up this performance and break it out in emergency situations throughout the rest of the season?

Boise State looked real good tonight, which is likely a testament to the Broncos's continuing to get better and better as the season goes on and maybe a little testament (like an abridged New Testament to the way Louisiana-Lafayette played. I'm not sure Bryan Harsin would ever call anything a complete performance (he's of the Chris Petersen bah humbug school of thought), so I'll say it: Nice complete performance, Broncos! Go eat yourself some Blizzards, on us!

2. It felt like more than a 34-9 win.

Maybe because I was delirious with sleep by the end of it, but it sure seemed like Boise State was putting the screws to Louisiana a lot worse than 34-9. So glad we're not chasing blowout scores and meaningless stats to appeal to random computer. We're appealing to Condoleezza Rice!

3. I will now list strengths of the team. Defensive line. Jay Ajayi. Matt Miller. Linebackers, probably. Offensive line, many times. Dan Goodale, kickoffs. Dallas Burroughs, being fast. Grant Hedrick, improving.

4. Bring on Air Force! Really, bring on conference play and meaningful road games where we have no idea what the outcome will be. I kind of have an idea of what the outcome will be next week against Air Force (they're not all that good), but anything goes with the triple option.

I'm stoked. I'm excited. Let's play some more football, like, tomorrow and see where this Boise State season is headed, preferably a New Year's Bowl. Does anyone know what kind of edible arrangements Condoleezza Rice prefers?

Go Broncos!