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Ole Miss game balls

Belated edition

Kevin C. Cox

The Broncos did not emerge from the field of battle victorious last Thursday evening, but could still win the war, as they say, with a key conference victory this Saturday. Win or lose, we'll be handing out game balls this year for each Bronco game, so here's the first batch...just a few days late.

Jay Ajayi, RB

Ajayi was easily the Broncos' MVP against Ole Miss, racking up 179 all-purpose yards against a stiff Ole Miss defense. Ajayi took a lickin' but kept on tickin' too as several times got blown up by Ole Miss defenders only to dish it out the next play. I hate to say it, but this game convinced me that Ajayi probably won't be returning next year...he's just too good. MWC defenses best beware.

Tanner Vallejo, LB

The true sophomore was ALL over the field against the Rebels and finished with a game-high 9 tackles—2 and a half of which were for loss. Ben Weaver got most of the freshman accolades last season, but Vallejo might have the better sophomore season of the two in 2014. The Broncos will face a tough rushing attack this Saturday, and it's sure comforting to know that Vallejo and crew will be roaming The Blue.

Dan Goodale, K

The Ole Miss game might have had a different outcome if the Broncos could have finished a few drives in the endzone, but Goodale did what he could to make sure the Broncos got on the board, hitting both of his FG attempts (from 43 and 25 yards). Bronco fans tend to break out in hives when thinking about the kicking game, but Goodale showed on Thursday, that at least for the time-being, we shouldn't fear it in close contests.

Shane Williams-Rhodes, WR

SWR hauled in a career-high 14 passes against Ole Miss, and while his YPC average wasn't where we're used to, he showed yet again how important he is to the Bronco offense. Oh, and the kid deserves a freaking medal for hopping right back up after this brutal hit (thanks, Grant).

Your turn

It's time to start looking ahead to the Colorado State Rams this weekend, so let's put a bow on this Ole Miss game, huh?