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Boise State vs. UCONN: The Rise and Shine Gameday comment thread

Kickoff slated for 10:00am MST on ABC/ESPN2

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We've got some early football on our hands. Boise State travels all the way to ESPN's homeland, Connecticut, to take on the Huskies of UCONN for the first game of the day. I hope you're fandom can adjust to an early Saturday morning. It sure sounds like it'll affect the players.


For all of you uniform buffs out there, you might enjoy this article on UCONN's rebrand (academic and athletic) which Nike had a major hand in.

Other games:

(6) Georgia vs. (24) South Carolina - 1:30pm MST

Wyoming vs. (2) Oregon - 12:00pm MST

Nebraska vs. Fresno State - 8:30pm MST

Nevada vs. Arizona - 9:00pm MST

Feel free to comment about these and the rest of today's games, too. Idaho hosts Western Michigan which means they get to trot out their overused, witless Bronco jabs for at least one opponent this year. It obviously won't be for Boise State... in Moscow... Ever again.

Anywho, Happy football!

Go Broncos!