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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 09-11-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State-UCONN Television Coverage Map

The game will be aired on ABC in our neck of the woods. ABC!?!?! Wait, does that mean we get Keith Jackson?

Idaho Press-Tribune: Ware Seeks Opportunities

Boise State most certainly needs to find playmakers outside of Jay Ajayi, Matt Miller, and Shane Williams-Rhodes. Ware could be that guy. We've also been saying that for years now. Hoping to see him breakout soon.

Idaho Statesman: Probation is a thing of the past

It's about time for this Couch Gate business to be done with. I hope we're not on Double Secret Probation to boot.


The Scott Slant: Is the "new old" offense back?


ESPN Insider PickCenter ($)

Looks like Boise State is a 16 point favorite with an over/under of 49. Lolz.