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Boise State lands commitment from gentle giant

I don't really know that John Molchon, a 6'6" 270 lb. tackle out of Faith Lutheran in Las Vegas, is gentle but in my book he's giant, so we'll go with that. Besides, "violent giant" just isn't a thing people say. At any rate, Molchon gave his pledge last night in a move that sent keyboard warriors scrambling when Mike Sanford sent out the familiar yet vague tweet:

Quick! To the google machine!

An agonizing five minutes passed before the ever-crafty B.J. Rains solved the riddle of the OC.

Okay, now BACK to the google machine, to turn up some tidbits on Molchon. First, it appears that Molchon attended Boise State's elite camp this summer and impressed enough to leave town with a scholarship offer he kept on the down low while he examined his options—options that included the University of Buffalo, Colorado State, Kent State, UNLV, UNR and Montana State. Ironically, the other school topping Molchon's list was Colorado State...a team he watched the Broncos take down in person on Saturday night, but the Broncos win over CSU wasn't the deciding factor for the big, versatile O-lineman, as he told B.J. Rains:

"It was honestly being able to get my mom to Boise and learning about Idaho and about the school academically."

BSU always passes the mom test.

Molchon is the 9th known commit of the 2015 class. Verbal commitments are non-binding, but you don't have to go blabbing that to everyone, okay?!