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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 8-6-14

Since I haven't been able to get down to practices or interviews for the last few days, it seemed like a good day for a WUBN.

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Li'l Hercules

Shane Williams-Rhodes wins the title of "pound for pound" strongest Bronco. The 5'6" 163 lb. speedster can squat 500 lbs. and bench press 270. WR Coach Junior Adams quipped,

"He’s built like a running back, his lower half."

And I'm built like a lineman, from the ankle down.

Finley Finally Fit For Football

Shane Williams-Rhodes singled out the redshirt frosh as a top performer thus far in camp—even adding that if Grant Hedrick were to go down, the Broncos "wouldn't miss a beat". Press pass bonus: Watched Finley for about 10 minutes on Sunday and not only does he look like he won't blow away in a stiff wind anymore, but his shoulder issues definitely look like a thing of the pass—kid was really spinning it.

Anderson surprising

The race for the 3rd WR spot is being more hotly contested than originally thought and one surprise player is inserting himself into the mix—converted DB Chaz Anderson. Anderson played some WR at Loyola, but has been with the secondary for two years. Intrigue!

Ole Miss releases "trailer" for Boise State game, shows opponent for about 1.5 seconds

Boise State's new grass practice field is NOICE

Can attest. Not much shade, however.

BYU camp REALLY heating up

I don't think "epic" means what you think it means, Cougs. Cannot unsee.