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Boise State - Ole Miss game recap: The 5 thoughts I'm thinking

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

1. Feelings I'm feeling about Grant Hedrick - empathy, hopefulness, discouragement, bummers, curiosity

You are unlikely to leave this game without feeling feelings about Grant Hedrick. Your feelings might be a little different than mine, particularly if you imbibed during the game. Here's my take: Hedrick's four interceptions were huge turning points in the game - as were Bo Wallace's three INTs. Throwing three picks isn't all that bad when every quarterback in the game is throwing three picks. However, you'll need to match the other guy in TDs, too. Hedrick clearly did not, and Boise State does not have the talent, skill, size, what have you to hang with these big teams unless the Broncos' QB play is pitch-after-pitch perfect. Case in point: Joe Southwick in the past two season openers. Case in point: Hedrick tonight. That isn't to say that this team needs a quarterback change (it doesn't) or that Hedrick is doomed to throw 48 interceptions this season (he's not, I don't think). He's got enough skill and legs and moxie and coaching to tear up his fair share of Mountain West defenses. Boise State will be competitive and interesting and fun to watch all season long with Hedrick at quarterback. The games will be close. Hedrick will be Hedrick. We'll all be a lot happier two Saturdays from now.

2. Ooh, look! Shiny new Marcel Yates secondary!

Whatever Marcel Yates is doing to the Boise State secondary, let him keep doing it. From my homer seat on my homer couch, the secondary looked leaps and bounds better than last year. This defense has potential - and you can't spell potential without "potent" ... or "ent" (anthropomorphic tree creatures from Lord of the Rings).

3. The offense will go as far as Jay Ajayi carries it

Followup point: Matt Miller will go as far as Grant Hedrick will carry him, so things are rather out of Miller's control.

4. Bryan Harsin lookin' good on the Boise State sideline

For what it's worth, I had not really felt a strong reaction either way to the Chris Petersen / Bryan Harsin changeover until tonight when I suddenly felt very strongly that I wanted Harsin to win and Petersen to lose this weekend.

5. Motions, shifts, wide receiver passes, triple option plays, oh my

This Boise State offense is all the best kind of bonkers. I love it, and I love what it's going to do this season - namely run roughshod over some unsuspecting defenses and give Bob Behler fits figuring out who has the ball and why.

Your observations

Thoughts, feelings, ideas?