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Boise State vs. Ole Miss: Gameday comment thread and poetry slam

One Shining Football

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

/to the tune of One Shining Moment

The ball is kicked,

into the sky.

You're scoring lots of points,

you're Jay Ajayi.

Time to rejoice

We're in the throes

of glorious football

and sweet churros.


One shining football,

the season's arrived

One shining football,

it's here, we survived!

Grant Hedrick runs

Matt Miller dives

Ben Weaver hits

Kevan Lee high fiiiiiiiives.

Prediction time

So here we go

Boise State two-hundred eight

Ole Miss zeroooooooo.


One shining football,

I hear lineman grunts

One shining football,

More touchdowns, less punts!

And we rejoice

'cause Harsin's here.

I'm so happy I could cry

Look, there's a tear.


One shining football,

our TVs are on.

One shining football

the offseason's gone!


Behold, your gamethread for talking about the Boise State - Ole Miss game and anything else that is on your mind today - weather, feelings, food, eternity, man's search for meaning, Rolos. I'll turn the comments over to you. You guys know what to do.

(Game's at 6:00 MT. Come early, stay late.)

Happy football!

Go Broncos!

- Kevan

P.S. Me today: