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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 08-27-14

Otto Kitsinger III

Times-News: Boise State Football Could Go Way of Nebraska

Nick Ruland takes an interesting look at the similarities between the rise to prominence of Nebraska and Boise State. Nebraska has since fallen off the pedestal and Ruland surmises the Broncos will follow the same trajectory. I can't say I agree... I give Bronco fans much more credit than he does.

Ajayi to return kicks?

I like the thinking: they either kick the ball to Ajayi, a dynamic, fast, and powerful runner, or kick it to someone else and Ajayi then becomes a bulldozing blocker.

Kellen Moore facing the biggest game of his professional career

In Kellen We Trust



Have we all been Manti Te'o'ed?

And it now looks like the police are involved.