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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 8-26-14

Almost game time.

Otto Kitsinger III

Matt Miller and Corey Bell voted season captains

Who could have foreseen this?

Jay Ajayi also named "honorary captain" for Ole Miss game and Dan Goodale is the special teams captain.

Walk-on Charles Bertoli placed on scholarship

The walk-on RB joins TE Jake Hardee and LS Kevin Keane as guys that have been placed on scholarship this Fall. Both Hardee and Keane were presented their scholarships in grandiose ways, so I'm guessing Harsin probably jumped out of a cake or something for this one.

ICYMI, Laquon Treadwell thinks our corners are small

And I guess they sort of are (well "short" anyway, I wouldn't call Cleshawn Page "small" his face). It was the other part of his quote that might have stuck in the craw of the Bronco DBs. Both Ole Miss corners are 5'9", by the way. The same size as ours.

Blake Renaud to carry The Hammer against Ole Miss

For the record 8th time. That's one special special teamer.

Reminder: Bryan Harsin's team ran a play called "Hide the Midget" last year