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OBNUG Crowdfunding Final Countdown

The best Boise State content is yet to come.

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We are in the last hours (it ends at midnight) of the OBNUG audio visual extravaganza crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The response so far has been incredible and humbling to say the least. We nearly reached our goal in a single day!

Click HERE to contribute

To give a little refresher, OBNUG is now a credentialed press entity that has access to practices, player interviews, and even the press box on game days. With these privileges, we strive to provide the best content possible for the site and, ultimately, you the fans. The problem is, we need the equipment to do that. We have already used some of the funds to purchase a camera, a microphone, and batteries, lots of batteries, and have begun to share the experience with you.

So, if we already reached our goal, why should fans still contribute?

Well, the more money we raise, the better quality content we can provide. Can you say "blimp"!?!?

AND WAIT, THERE'S MOORE!!! This could be the only chance to get your hands on an OBNUG t-shirt (see below) or poster, both expertly designed by our own Drew Roberts. Unveiling a new helmet color and an OBNUG t-shirt on the same day... Best. Wednesday. Ever.

Thanks for everything, Nuggies. You're the best.

-Drew, Kevan, and Jesse