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Berger Time

The Bronco recruit alarm was sounded by Bryan Harsin right at the end of the work day today and the rest of the coaching staff left no doubt

Methinks something happened...

It was a couple of excruciating minutes after that waiting for the other shoe to drop, but then Couer d'Alene linebacker (and adopted brother of 2014 TE Chase Blakley) ended the suspense

Oh wait...

Berger is 6'1" 220 lbs and is a consensus 3-star prospect. has him as the 33rd ranked middle linebacker in the country. Berger had a standing offer from Idaho, but had named a top three of USC, Washington State and Boise State last week. Berger visited Boise with Blakley in January and had a good relationship built with TE coach Eliah Drinkwitz...then made a return trip to The Blue last month which gave him plenty to think about. Berger is the 9th known commit of the 2015 recruiting class...a class that now has two homegrown linebackers