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Numerical Roster Countdown 2014: Day 30, Jonathan Moxey

We've got just 30 days until kickoff (that's a month), so today I'll take a look at the player that wears the #30 jersey on the Bronco roster—Jonathan Moxey

#30, Jonathan Moxey, Sophomore, CB



Height: 5'10"

Weight: 179 lbs

High School: Dwyer High School, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

How'd he get to The Blue™?

Moxey was a somewhat lightly-recruited prospect out of Dwyer High School. Dwyer plays in Florida's second largest classification (7A). The other all-league, all-whatever recruits from the area are going to the who's who of college football powerhouses: Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, etc. So, how did Moxey fall into the Broncos' lap late into the recruiting process? Honestly, I'm not quite sure. You would think that a player who was a main cog on defense that allowed fewer than seven points and 100 passing yards per game would generate plenty of recruiting interest. In addition to those stats, Moxey put up a ridiculous nine interceptions and 13 pass break-ups as a junior. Despite those superlatives, Moxey only had offers from the likes of Bowling Green, Delaware, Georgia State, Middle Tennessee, Tulane, and Western Kentucky. After Moxey inked with Boise State, however, recruiting interest picked up a bit, as is the norm.



Made famous by the Beek.



The man who robbed Kellen Moore of his rightful Heisman.

Career Highlights

Appeared in all but one of the Broncos games in 2013, including one start against Southern Miss. Earned all-state honorable mention honors (7A) following his senior season and third-team all-state as a junior.

2014 Prospectus

I feel fairly confident in predicting that Moxey will be Boise State's next great cover corner, but his coronation still might take another year. Last season, Moxey became the latest in a long line of Bronco CBs that were thrust into the spotlight early—foregoing their redshirt year in the process. In fact, Donte Deayon, who may well line up across the field from Moxey, played as a true freshman, and before Deayon there was Jamar Taylor, Brandyn Thompson, Orlando Scandrick and the like. Yes, it seems Boise State has a history of making men out of boys at the DB position and Moxey, in my opinion, could be as good as the aforementioned. Though he played sparingly last season, there were times when he looked like the best DB on the field...or at least the most physical one—and physicality was what appeared to be sorely lacking with last year's unit—something we're all hoping Marcel Yates and Julius Brown remedy in a hurry. Moxey's currently dead even with senior Bryan Douglas on the pre-camp depth chart, but I feel Moxey is better in press coverage. We'll obviously see both this season, but at present, I tend to favor Moxey's aggressive play. It will be interesting to see who gets the lion's share of the snaps once things really get rolling. I know Yates has expressed a desire to throw a lot of guys out on the field during the course of a game, but cornerback can also be a bit of a rhythm position, so I'm not sure swapping the CBs out at a high frequency is what the doctor hunch says it will be more package and situation-based. However you slice it, Moxey is a great talent with good instincts and fantastic closing speed. If this isn't his breakout year, then surely 2015 will be.

Is he on Twitter?

If only it were true.

Completely made up fact

Legendary sports journalist Melvin Q. Marsh is suing Moxey for copyright infringement. It seems Moxey's surname uses a key element of Marsh's famous catchphrase "That kid's got Moxie, oh-boy-oh-howdee™"