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Is Bryan Harsin the Mountain West's best coach? The heart says ...

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the best coach in the Mountain West?

Remember when this answer was always Chris Petersen? There may be the occasional Nevada journo who'd vote for Chris Ault and the occasional Chris Ault who would vote for Chris Ault, but truly the conversation about Mountain West head coaches began and ended with Petersen.

So at least the question will be a little more fun this year.

Who's the best coach in the Mountain West? Uh, how about who are even all the coaches in the Mountain West?

(One million obnug dollars to whoever can name them all without Googling.)

The annotated list of Mountain West coaches

  • Boise State's Bryan Harsin, a close personal friend of us all
  • Nevada's Bill Polian, enforcer of unwritten recruiting laws that Bill Polian cares deeply about
  • Wyoming's new guy who used to coach at North Dakota
  • San Jose State's Gene Bleymaier Ron Caragher
  • Fresno State's hairless Pat Hill, Tim DeRuyter
  • Hawaii's Norm Chow, when he feels up for it
  • Mesozoic arthropod Rocky Long
  • Utah State's Matt Wells, precocious, may not be able to grow facial hair
  • Colorado State's Jim McElwain
  • New Mexico's Bob Davie, footbaw coach
  • UNLV's Bobby Hauck, yep somehow still employed
  • Air Force's Troy Calhoun <-- congratulations on earning tenure!

And now to rank them ...

My heart has Bryan Harsin number one with a bullet. My mind wonders how I could really have a brand new coach who's light on experience and place him as the conference's best. Mind, you wouldn't understand!

  1. DeRuyter
  2. Wells
  3. Harsin
  4. Long
  5. Calhoun
  6. McElwain
  7. Davie
  8. Hauck
  9. Polian
  10. Bohl
  11. Caragher
  12. Chow

How would you rank them?