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Numerical Roster Countdown 2014: Day 63, Cameron Hartsfield

Better late than never.

We've got just 63 days until kickoff but that jersey number is currently vacant...but hey, guess who's double-booked with the #21 jersey? Cameron Hartsfield, that's who.

#63, Cameron Hartsfield, RS, CB



Height: 5'10"

Weight: 181 lbs.

High School: Allen High School, Allen, TX

How'd he get to The Blue™?

By way of Texas Reno. Yeah, Hartsfield nearly made the terrible mistake of signing with Nevada-Reno after giving them a verbal commitment a week before taking an official to BSU (coincidentally, former Cal commit AJ Richardson was on the same trip). Clearly, Hartsfield realized he'd made a huge mistake and flipped to the Bronco column. Hartsfield had 100 tackles for the 5A Texas State Champion Eagles as a senior in 2012 and also blocked six punts. He was named the MVP of the title game after recording 9 tackles and a 56-yard fumble recovery. Hartsfield also made the all-district first-team in 2012. Hartsfield chose the Broncos over offers from Nevada (natch), Stephen F. Austin, and UTSA.



Inspired by this legendary sharpshooter.




Comedian Kevin Hart(sfield?)

Career highlights

2012 Texas State title game MVP. All-District first-teamer. 2012 District runner-up in 200m.

2014 prospectus

There's really no reason to sugar coat things...last year's defensive secondary was bad (at times REAL bad), but the good news for this season is that I don't think they could get much worse. The Broncos seemed close to making big plays last season in the secondary but just didn't (or couldn't). There was a feeling that the new targeting rules might have made our safeties gun shy and that our corners were just not physical enough to fight off blocks or fight for jump balls. Honestly, those things might have been a factor, but ultimately I think the group just played below their abilities and lost a little of their swagger  (and pride, I'm guessing). This season should be different. Embarrassment is a powerful motivator and so is Marcel Yates—the architect of "DBU" and sitting DC. Yates and new DBs coach Julius Brown know that the unit needs some TLC. Fortunately for them, there are pieces there to work with...and Hartsfield is one of them. Currently, I don't have Hartsfield penciled into the CB two-deep, but that could easily change come August and remember that Boise State loses three DBs to graduation this year (Douglas, Page and Maston), so even if he's hovering in the periphery this year, he'll set himself up well for next season if he is able to get some playing time in—which I think he will. So whether it's in certain defensive packages, on special teams, or late in games...Hartsfield should at the very least wet his feet this season and be ready to hit the ground running in 2015. This is a pivotal year for the unit, and hopefully Hartsfield will be able to contribute to the resurgence.

Completely made up fact

Cameron's family name comes from the name of a pivotal Civil War battle at Hart's Field, Tennessee. The battle saw 1,200 Union troops ambush the Army of Northern Virginia with nothing but pillows. There were over 4,000 bruises recorded as well as innumerable rashes.