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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 5-09-14

Cody Finney

Happy Friday, Bronco Nation! I don't know about the rest of you, but it has been a long week. With the addition of the draft and watching for both your favorite team and to see what BSU players are coming out, I'm not sure if I can handle all the stress. Let's dive into what happened yesterday in the Bronco Nation.

Two More Wins:

Softball snapped their win streak last night with a 4-0 loss. This was their first shutout since Feburary. Since they lost there is a 3 way tie for first place in the Mountain West. Good news, however, is that Boise State still controls their own fate in seeking their first berth into the NCAAs.

Family Affair:

Coach Patton for men's tennis has been through a lot with his son on the team. As they gear up for their first bout in the NCAA tournament today here is a fun story about what they have overcome in the past few year.

Also HERE is a thank you from Coach Patton for those of us that have supported tennis over the years.

For Those Who Have Little Ones

This summer Football will be putting on a summer camp for the young Broncos in our lives. So if you would like to give your kids a great experience here is a great opportunity.

Well, Bronco Nation, it has been a great week. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

It's Great To Be Alive, It's Great To Be A Bronco!!