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Year In Review: Volleyball

Boise State University

It was a year full of ups and downs for Boise State's volleyball team. Ending the season with a record of 14-16 isn't the way that any team would want to carry on a season. This year volleyball went head-to-head with a bunch of top ranked teams and fell short. This could have played a large factor into why the team's record wasn't all the best. The Bronco's opened up their season facing the number 5 team in the nation Washington and was crushed in a 3-0 bout. Watching the series wasn't too bad. Each of the three games in the match was well fought and wasn't a complete blow out - staying within 6 of each game - but to be the best you have to beat the best and that is something the Broncos seemed to fall short of this year. Along with UW, Boise State faced No. 9 Colorado and No. 20 Northwestern in, again, close bouts.

As for in-conference play Boise State dropped some crucial close matches. San Diego State seemed to have our number the entire year. However, San Diego State did graduate quite a few of their carrying seniors and will be returning with a relatively young team, which could be promising for Boise State.


A little bit of good news for volleyball. This year was a, relatively, young team for BSU. That being said, there is now an opportunity to show the progression that was made after having time to step into the ring with the "big dogs." This up and coming year Boise State will have 3 phenomenal freshman coming off of a redshirt along with 4 seniors who really know how to play. I think with the coaching staff and the support of the Bronco Nation volleyball has a promising year ahead of them.

Side Note:

On a side and positive note, Sarah Baugh will be playing internationally on the Mountain West All-Star Team. This is a huge feat and something that can bring back immence amounts of knowledge to the team for next year. On July 13-14 Baugh will be competing in Italy to really show the world what the Mountain West has to offer.


I think that if Boise State fixes their problems with their inconsistency and truly learn from their mistakes this year against beatable teams such as; San Diego State and New Mexico, they can be in contention for the MW title next season.

Keep our fingers crossed and look for a great season soon, Broncos.

It's Great To Be Alive, It's Great To Be A Bronco!!