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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 5-12-14

Good Morning, Bronco Nation! I know you were all watching the draft and I sure hope you all were as excited as I was to see some fellow Broncos in the NFL. After the draft though, I can't wait until we get to watch football in the fall, both college and NFL. I am fired up, so lets see what Boise State was up to this weekend.


So, as we all should know, D-Law was taken in the second round to play for the Dallas Cowboys. In my opinion this is a disappointing place for a Bronco to go, since we are winners (Yes, I am very bias AGAINST the cowboys). However, maybe, a little defensive power can help them in their struggles. Two more were picked up on the final day of the draft. Center Paradis is headed to Denver to look for a shot on a stacked offensive team. Along with Paradis, Leno our Left Tackle is headed to Chicago to show the world to what we have from our linemen. Chicago is planning on having Leno as their back up this season.

Tjong-A-Tjoe is also headed to the NFL. Being picked up as a free agent is an awesome feat. There is nothing greater than being in the NFL, but moving from Amsterdam to Boise and now heading the NFL is a great story in it's self.

Congrats to these Broncos. May they serve well in their future endeavors.

Pick Up For Wrestling:

Another Big man to help out the, currently, rebuilding Boise State wrestling team. With the graduation of Jake Swartz (All-American) and JT Felix (Round of 12) Boise State may be a little light in the heavier weights. Buckley from Montana will be a good pick up. With Dixon, most likely, heading up to heavy weight Buckley may have a good shot at taking over at 197 next year, as a true freshman.

JU-CO Pick up:

Softball will be bringing in a new short stop next season. This girl knows how to play. Boise State was one game away from 1st place this year in the MW. Maybe this will add a little bit of an edge they need for next season.

Falling Short:

Softball had a tough fought series this weekend to try to take first place in the Mountain West. They fell short in their final game versus San Diego State. A disappointing way to go out, but I know the Broncos will come back with the fire they need next year to take home the division next year.

San Diego Had Our Number:

This weekend was not so good against the city of San Diego. University of San Diego had Boise State's number in singles of tennis this weekend. We took home 2 victories this weekend. This was not enough to seal the deal. Boise State fell short of qualifying for the NCAAs this year. Very disappointing end a very dominant season.


My brother, Demetrius Bronson, will be headed to rookie camp with the Seattle Seahawks. It will be awesome to see what he can bring to the table for the returning Super Bowl Champs. The hometown kid and has one heck of a shot at making a name for himself. Keep your eyes open for his name on a roster this year. D, if you see this, I love you and congratulations.

Okay, Bronco Nation. I know it was a lot of information today. I hope that you all have a wonderful Monday. If it helps you get through the day, remember that it is supposed to be sunny ALL week. Great way to get through finals.

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