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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 4-4-14

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get sandy

Boise State's first-ever sand volleyball season begins in earnest today, as the sand-loving ladies travel to Sacramento for the Sacramento State Invitational. No biggie, but the gals "get" to kick off their inaugural campaign against 9th-ranked St. Marys. Shock the world, niche athletes!

"Open" scrimmage tomorrow

And you're not invited. That is, if "you" are not a student (I'm not), faculty (I'm not), or a prospective athlete (do we have a curling team?). Of course, the media gets to be there, so we'll get to know as much as the narrative-controlled media feeds us. How big are Derrick Thomas' calves, B.J. Rains?

Harsin against unionization

"These guys that come to a university and play football, guys that are on scholarship, that’s obviously something that I think is a pretty huge benefit that those guys have," Harsin said. "If all of a sudden it blows up and you have all this recognition and things like that, well how’d you get there? Probably from the guys around you and probably from the university that believed in you, and probably from the coaches that helped you get in that position. I do think there are a lot of benefits that these college players have right now.


Bronco grappler wins conference honor

Senior wrestler Jake Swartz not only earned his third straight Pac-12 title and All-America honors this season, but was also named the Pac-12 Wrestler of the Year yesterday. Well done, Jake.

Harsin tells it like it is

Boise State's current head man seems to have no aversion to the evidenced by his 40+ minute press conferences each week that are long on details and short on clichés. God bless you, coach.

ETC...what if Game of Thrones was a classic sitcom?